Zelda : le souffle du vide

Ayant reçu une Nintendo Switch à Noël avec le jeu Zelda : Breath of the Wild (BotW), j’ai bien sûr passé une demi-journée à y jouer après Noël. Mais le Père Noël semblait avoir fait une erreur : le jeu acclamé unanimement par la critique me laissait de plus en plus frustré au fur et à mesure de sa découverte.

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MEXT Graduate Scholarship: Research Project (3/3)

Finally, here’s the post about the most important part of the application: the research project. There is multiple difficulties to writing it, one pertaining to the format, the other one to the content.

Format of the proposal

The first issue is to understand how the proposal is physically structured. Two documents are required: one named « Field of Study and Research Program Plan » (FSRPP) and another you have to write yourself on a blank sheet (let’s call it BSRP). The FSRPP contains three questions and it doesn’t help that the last two of them are quite similar. Compare Your research topic in Japan: Describe articulately the research you wish to carry out in Japan vs Study program in Japan: (Describe in detail and with specifics — particularly concerning the ultimate goal(s) of your research in Japan). Because they are so similar I treated them a one question, but put emphasis on details in the second one.
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MEXT Graduate Scholarship: the Interview (2/3)

The most scary part of the application to the MEXT scholarship is probably the interview. Because you’ll have to speak to real humans (😱), of the relative scarcity of information around it and the high variability of the event itself.

As said, this is the step for which there is the most variations between countries, domain of study (science or humanities) and even between people. The information provided here are drawn mostly from my own experience and from talk to a friend and a girl I met at the exam step.

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Creative Commons Content: Save it Before Needing it

TL;DR: Save CC content you use or care about and put it online for others as well. It might not be available in the future from its primary source anymore.


Today it happened for to me for the third time in a limited time frame: content I was looking for wasn’t available anymore. Not that the page itself was gone 404 but because politics. Was the most infuriating stuff here? The content was under a Creative Commons license. Let’s see the subtle way theses resources have gone unavailable while still being on the Web.

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MEXT Graduate Scholarship: Trivia (1/3)

What is the MEXT Scholarship?

First, there not one but various scholarship offered by the ministry of education of Japan also known as MEXT, monbusho (former ministry name) and monbukagakusho (current name). In France, two are offered: the research scholarship and the language & civilization scholarship. The research one targets people who own at least a bachelor degree (licence) while the language scholarship is available only to people currently enrolled in a Japanese bachelor degree. In some countries a undergraduate scholarship is also available.

This post discuss only the research scholarship. I will give you my tips & insights gained when I applied for it.

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Docker Compose Tutorial with Full Code Sample 🐋

It have been twice I tried to use Docker. The software is very promising, but it can be hard to understand both what problem it solves, how it does it and how to use it. A lot of introductions blog posts explain these points quite well, so in this post I’d rather focus on a global explanation of the setup I made. It will not be deep Docker tinkering — quite the reverse indeed — but provide explanations of concepts that are splited on multiple documentation pages. If you want to get started without 5 browsers tab browsing documentation, you’re at the right place!
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Quand un VHD vous pête à la gueule

Hier soir j’ai eu une idée géniale ! Le genre d’idée qui m’a encore fait griffonner hâtivement quelques feuilles de papier. Le lendemain, j’en noircis encore quelques unes et je me mets au code. Ça m’avait manqué. Du bon gros Windows Phone 8.0 Silverlight qui tâche, parce que pour un prototype autant capitaliser sur ce avec quoi je suis le plus à l’aise et pour lequel j’ai les outils de développement. Le point noir c’est que je travaille en machine virtuelle…
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